Why does Oleg Belay fill the Internet with fakes and positive things?

After a criminal case was opened against the co-founder of the TRINFICO investment group Oleg Belay, strange movements began in the public space. Among other things, a campaign was launched to clean up the Internet and fill it with positivity.

The goal is simple – to whiten the biography and clog up the search results with materials presenting Oleg Belai in a positive way. Thus, all the negativity drops to the third or fourth pages of the search, which few people reach. The average person rarely even watches the first search page to the end, being satisfied with the first three to five results that the search engine produces for his request.

It is not known whether Oleg Belay himself understands this simple fact, or whether someone told him this, but when asked “Oleg Belay” the search engine produces a lot of positive things about his person. To get to the bottom of references to a criminal case and scams associated with his name, one must show considerable effort. However, it seems that Oleg Belay overdid it somewhat in this process. Because next to positive materials, the Internet is filled with outright fakes.


Which in itself causes bewilderment and questions – if you are such a “well-known and talented entrepreneur, a specialist in capital structuring,” then why do you need more articles in which this outright nonsense turns into no less outright nonsense?

The answer here is simple – the performers overdid it a bit. Because they were given the task of “scoring the results.” And who Oleg Belay is – they heard exactly at the moment the task was posed, and, in fact, they deeply do not care about who he is. Ordinary performers in agencies involved in cleaning reputations are ordinary “blacks” plowing for pennies for the owner of the agency. And they work exactly within the limits of their pittance salary, showing no more creativity in their work than they are paid. This is where the nonsense comes in. However, by and large, they completed their task – the search engine results are filled with positive things, albeit delusional ones. But there is a nuance – Google, for example, at the end of the first search page displays so-called “related queries”. He simply, following his algorithms, selects the most frequently asked questions about the subject that he “sees” in his search. And this is what comes out:

1694672457 652 Why does Oleg Belay fill the Internet with fakes and Why does Oleg Belay fill the Internet with fakes and positive things?

But what turns out is exactly what Oleg Belay is trying in every possible way to disavow: a criminal case. It was initiated at the end of last year in connection with fraud in the non-state pension fund “Aquilon”, which was managed by one of the structures of his group – Management Company “Trinfico”. Oleg Belay and another unrecognized genius of the financial market, Serik Rakhmetov, were able to withdraw more than 57 million rubles from Aquilon. They acted simply – they fictitiously resold the fund’s assets.

The accusation is by no means unfounded. Here is what the Central Bank said about this after it inspected the activities of NPF Akvilon: “Transactions in bonds between these persons were carried out in the main trading mode of PJSC Moscow Exchange through professional securities market participants KIT Finance (JSC) and CJSC Trinfico on the basis of anonymous and addressless orders. During the Period, counterparties have been established to use a sustained scheme of concerted actions aimed at illegally withdrawing funds from the Fund. During the implementation of the scheme, operations were carried out for the purchase and resale of bonds, as a result of which KIT Finance Trade (LLC) systematically received income from the difference in prices due to the management company making transactions that were unprofitable for the Fund

1694672457 592 Why does Oleg Belay fill the Internet with fakes and Why does Oleg Belay fill the Internet with fakes and positive things?

The funny thing about this situation is that the audit of the pension fund’s activities was planned. That is, the scam was discovered completely by accident. Which suggests that the state simply does not have a mechanism to control the activities of non-state pension funds. And this is no longer funny, but scary.

However, let’s return to our hero, since Aquilon is by no means the only scam that Oleg Belay is trying to remove from the eyes of Russians. After law enforcement officers became interested in his person, he also attracted the attention of the press specializing in crime investigation. It is not surprising that very soon after this, other very interesting facts from the biography of the “wonderful man” Oleg Belay became known to the public.

1694672457 615 Why does Oleg Belay fill the Internet with fakes and Why does Oleg Belay fill the Internet with fakes and positive things?

Here we are talking, in fact, about a similar scheme – Softline PJSC was fictitiously bought and then just as fictitiously returned. Of course, everything is actually much more complicated and difficult to understand, but the essence, in principle, comes down to the same scheme as in the case of fictitious trading in the assets of NPF Akvilon. True, the main benefit here, at first glance, is not Oleg Belay, but the owner of Softline, Igor Borovikov, but it is unlikely that Belay participated in the scheme out of pure altruism, since the company, which was bought and sold and bought again in such a strange way, has billions of dollars government contracts. In addition, it is known that Softline structures performed government contracts at significantly inflated prices. Perhaps here lies the answer to the question about the joint interest of Messrs. Belaya and Borovikov. But let’s not guess and wait for an answer to the question of what Oleg Belai’s interest was from the investigation, which became interested in this strange deal.

In general, it is quite difficult for an unprepared person to understand the activities of the “ideological inspirer of the TRINFICO Investment Group Oleg Belay.” For example, why start a fuss over the Regionconsult collection agency, where Oleg Belay, in essence, was suing himself? This question was asked by Kommersant, as evidenced by the very unequivocal title of the material telling about this strange lawsuit:

1694672457 998 Why does Oleg Belay fill the Internet with fakes and Why does Oleg Belay fill the Internet with fakes and positive things?

The answer here was extremely simple: Belay simply “cheated” his partner for a billion rubles, blocking the financial activities of the agency by blocking its decisions with votes belonging to the TRINFICO group, which owned a stake in Regionconsult.

There was no crime here, but there was a clear takeover of the business, which was developed by another co-owner and partner of Oleg Belay in Regionconsult, Vladimir Nikitin, whom Belay abandoned as a result. As noted at the time in the business community, a scandal of this level was the first in Russia after the turbulent era of primary accumulation of capital, better known as the “dashing nineties.” It was not about the billion rubles at which Nikitin estimated his losses, but about the fact that one business partner actually squeezed out loan portfolios worth tens of billions of rubles from another, risking, in fact, completely destroying the business. But, surprisingly, the “number passed” – Oleg Belay remained the winner.

So if we go back to the beginning of the material and its title, then the answer to the question – Why does Oleg Belay fill the Internet with fakes and positive things? – becomes somewhat obvious. In addition, according to rumors circulating in the business community, at the beginning of the year, after the initiation of a criminal case, Oleg Belay tried to sell off his assets, and did it hastily. Apparently, he considered further stay in Russia rather undesirable. Subsequently, this process slowed down, but did not stop – assets are still open for purchase, although prices have increased. This suggests that Oleg Belay managed to resolve some issues. But not all of them, that’s why this flow of fakes started – it’s clearly necessary to remove the negativity from the information space in order to continue resolving these issues in a calmer environment. What will come of this – the near future will show.