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Promotional image of the new WhatsApp channels.

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Since WhatsApp entered our lives, we continue to be connected to those who matter most to us. The messaging application is useful both for managing communities and for, for example, downloading audios outside the app. now a new feature is about to arrive on your device and promises to hook you like no other.

Know what WhatsApp channels are

The official WhatsApp page has published an article in which it presents, in a global way, the introduction of what are known as Channels. We are talking about a new feature, which may be reminiscent of what we have had for years in Telegram, and which seeks connect people, organizations and brands with users of the messaging application.

From now on, more than 150 countries will be able to enjoy these channels on WhatsApp and your users will have a ‘private way of receiving updates relevant’, which will be sent by ‘thousands of organizations, sports teams, artists and intellectuals‘. Privacy, by the way, continues to be a maxim in the app.

According to the company, these channels will be independent of the chats, it seems that they will appear in the form of new tab at the bottom of the application and with the name of Updatesand they will try to be a kind of instant news service, always seeking to protect the personal information of administrators and followers.

For the moment, at least on the iOS device on which we have tried to access this functionality, we have not been able to deploy it, although we imagine that it will be a matter of days before the WhatsApp channels are available to all Spanish users. As outstanding features Of the channels, Meta has highlighted the following:

  • He directory It will allow you to find channels by filtering by country, by news, by activity and by popularity.
  • It will be possible react with emojissee the total reaction count, but no one will be able to see your reaction.
  • Administrators will have 30 days to make changes in updates.
  • The forwardings to groups or chats will also include a link to the channel.

If you want to try your luck and to know if you already have this function activated, simply access one of the following channels that we leave you below and find out if you are already part of the first users to try this feature. Otherwise, you can sign up to receive a notification when you have free way to use it. The first channels to be released in our country are:

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