There is no doubt that the updates of WhatsApp They are beneficial for adding new features, changing the design of the application, replacing security patches, etc., however, developers sometimes leave certain errors that affect the normal functioning of the messaging application.

The last error resulting from an update directly affected the states, as some users reported that They could not see the stories of their contacts, nor react or respond to them, since the aforementioned messaging platform would be closed immediately., Do you want to know what the solution is? At Depor we will explain it in detail.

Before starting, This bug was detected in both the stable (official) version and the beta program of WhatsApp Messenger for Android, so the solutions are the same without exceptions. Clarifying the point, take note.

  • First, remember that an error is caused by an update, but it is also solved with another update.
  • All you have to do is enter the Google Play Store.
  • In the search bar type “WhatsApp”.
  • Meta released a new update to fix this bug > click on “Update”.
  • In the beta the problem in the version for Android.
  • First, you are not visible to the hundreds, thousands or millions of followers, meaning that neither they nor you will be able to see when they follow a channel. WhatsApp.
  • Your phone number is 100% protected, not even channel administrators will be able to access this information. Also, if you go to the channel Info. you will not see any of the members.
  • In case of reactions to the news, they will not know that it was you, only the number of interactions will appear.
  • It is possible to activate notifications on one or more channels, so you will know when they sent new news.
  • Administrators only have the ability to see your name and profile photo (if you have not modified this data in your account privacy settings).
  • Finally, you will be informed through WhatsApp.

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