When we need to compress and decompress files, there are some reference programs that almost everyone usually uses, such as WinZip or WinRAR. They work very well, but they have one drawback: they are paid tools. Luckily, there are other alternatives that we are going to discuss in this article; some of the best free unzipping programs.

The truth is that all the free programs that are emerging as possible replacements for WinZip and WinRAR, what they actually do is imitate their functions and main virtues, trying to match them. Competition is always healthy, and that drives each new improvement in alternative software sowing the seed for a new improvement in paid programs.

So, if what we want is to have one or more programs to decompress, free and reliable, it is important to choose well. This is a selection of the best:


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We start with one of the best known solutions. 7-Zip It works very stable and with great compatibility. In addition, it uses its own encoding algorithm that generates compressed files with its own extension (.7z). Another interesting aspect is the possibility of creating self-extracting executable files. All this makes 7-Zip one of the best alternatives to the WinZip-WinRAR duopoly, despite even its simple and slightly dated interface.

Link: 7-Zip



Another option that we should include in our list of the best free unzipping programs is AZIP. This is open source software that offers us many compression and decompression possibilities. And all through a simple and very easy-to-use interface. Among other notable features we must mention its ability to transfer files via Hotspot or WiFi, as well as the decompression tool for large files.

Link: AZIP

B1 Free Archiver


B1 Free Archiver is a really effective free file compression tool. It has a type encryption AES 256 bit high security. It is very easy to use and completely secure, proof of all kinds of viruses and malware. It should also be noted that it is open source software that is constantly evolving, that is, its functions improve day by day.

Link: B1 Free Archiver



Although its features do not bring it close to the level of WinZip and WinRAR, Bandizip It can be a good option to perform file compression and decompression tasks without complications. Even so, it has some notable aspects such as support for Unicode text, the ability to divide files into several compression files and a very clear and easy-to-use interface.

Link: BandiZip

extract now

A very simple and practical tool that perfectly fulfills the task of decompressing files. But only that, that is, it will not help us compress. Nevertheless, ExtractNow It works quickly and easily, ideal for working without complications. And free, of course.

Link: ExtractNow



This is a fairly unknown tool, made in china, although that doesn’t make it any less interesting. Among the strong points of HaoZip We highlight the fact that the files are password protected using AES-256 encryption. Its technology allows it to compress up to 30% more than most tools of this type. Other options worth mentioning are the option to repair damaged or corrupted files, as well as the ability to create files that are extracted automatically.

Link: HaoZip



The great advantage of using IZArc2Go is that it is a portable software that does not require installation. For example, we can carry it comfortably on a USB memory or a hard drive. It is compatible with almost any type of format and its security standard (256-bit AES Rijndael) is really high and reliable. As if that were not enough, this program incorporates an integrated virus scan to unzip as much as we want without risk.

Link: IZArc2Go



Another great unknown, but I say it appears on our list of free unzipping programs. The interface of jZip It is strikingly similar to WinZip, offering simple and intuitive use. Although its functions are quite limited, this is probably the option in our selection that provides the easiest handling. And that is also a virtue.

Link: jZip



UltimateZip It is a program that will allow us to compress files to later send them by email with a simple click. It can also be used to encrypt files with a password. All through simple handling, with an interface that follows the same structure as WinZip.

Link: UltimateZip



To conclude, a program to compress and decompress simply and quickly, with the security provided by the standard AES 256 encryption system and a very intuitive and aesthetic interface. These are the virtues of Zipwarea software that stands out for its stability and that we will be able to use with many types of formats.

Link: Zipware