Learn how hide Telegram stories in a simple and friendly way. This modality dates back a few updates, but it has been a success among its users. If you are interested in knowing one of the secrets about how the tool works, stay until the end.

Telegram is a quite entertaining and particular messaging platform. Since its inception, it has sought to offer originality, extensive tools and freedom to its users. The stories are one of the most recent innovations, being a blessing for many and a torment for others.

Possibly, you have in your contact list a series of users that you may not know or simply Don’t be interested in seeing their stories. The reason for this is that many businesses or users have abandoned other platforms, such as WhatsApp to guarantee freedom and security. Telegram offers a large number of services that cannot be managed in the same way on other networks.

If you are interested in knowing the methods to hide Telegram stories, you are in the right place.

Ways to hide Telegram stories

hide Telegram stories

Possibly, the title gives you to understand that there are different methods, but the truth is that They are very similar to each other. Don’t worry, everything we will do will be beginner level and the Telegram development team has designed it that way.

It is important to indicate that, for the moment, at least for the writing of this note, There is no method to remove or hide the story bar completely. The methods that you are about to see are basically based on silencing contacts on time. Without further ado, these are the common ones:

How to hide stories from the desktop application on your computer

The desktop version has allowed millions of people to use their Telegram while working or even support their work in this way. In recent updates, the stories have been present. If you want to stop viewing the stories of a particular contact, you just have to do the following:

  1. Open your Telegram desktop app. In case you do not have an active session, remember that to access it is necessary to scan your QR code or enter the requested credentials.
  2. Once inside, in the left column of the screen, you will see a list of recent chats and a search bar. Just inside the bar, you will find a small circle with a picture, these are the stories.O1
  3. Click on the circle with a simple click. When unfolding the stories, we must search, we want to hide it.
  4. When you find the contact in stories, right-click. A new menu will appear and it will be necessary to click on the last one that appears, “Hide stories”.


  5. Confirm the pop-up message that you will find and that’s it.

At the moment, this is the only method available for the computer version. Surely, in future updates, we will be able to see others. If you are waiting as next web version methodI must tell you that the story format has not been implemented yet.

Methods from mobile

how to hide Telegram stories

Telegram stories on mobile, They are much more striking than in other formats. Despite having a smaller screen size, many users prefer to see the stories directly on their mobile. Despite this, many do not enjoy seeing stories from specific users, which is why it is convenient to hide Telegram stories on your mobile.

I’ll show you two methods, both extremely simple, but with slightly different paths. Don’t worry, both will have you accomplishing your goals quickly, it’s just that the paths may vary. Step by step, what you should do is the following:

Method 1

  1. Enter your Telegram app from your mobile. I’m sure you already have the session active.
  2. On the main screen, you can see the latest chats and in the upper area of ​​the screen, next to the menu, the active stories.
  3. To open the stories bar, you only need to click once on the word stories.
  4. When these are displayed, we must look for the contact whose stories we do not want to see. You can scroll horizontally as a scroll.
  5. When we find the user, we simply have to press a few seconds on the story, which will display new options.
  6. Now we will choose the last one, “Hide stories”. By clicking on it, it will request confirmation of the action, which we must press positively.


This method is quite convenient and fast, only 6 steps, which really could be summed up.

Method 2

For this option, it is necessary to see at least one of the stories previously. The step by step is as follows:

  1. Access the Telegram application as usual.
  2. Find in the top bar of the screen, the stories. To unfold, you need to press once.
  3. Select the history of the contact you want to hide. The story will start playing.
  4. In the upper right corner, you will find three points aligned vertically, the space where we will click.


  5. When a new menu of options appears, you must click on “Hide stories”, which you will find as a second option,
  6. Confirm that you want to perform the action of hiding the story.

In addition to the procedure that we saw previously, we can also save the story in the gallery, copy its link, share on other platforms, or simply view it in incognito mode. The last option mentioned It will allow you to observe the stories without the need for the person who published it to know that you did it. The incognito option counts that it was seen, but does not indicate who did it.


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From a personal point of view, I love the story format. The idea is keep users closer to each other, regardless of whether you have a business or it is your personal profile. Other messaging platforms had already implemented it previously and the reception of its users was good, let’s wait a few months to find out if this is the same.

I hope you enjoyed this tour to discover the methods to hide Telegram stories. I think everything has been quite detailed, however, in case you have questions, you can leave them in the comments. We will read each other in the next opportunity, developing topics about the Android world that so many of us are passionate about.