Digital trust and how it relates to emerging technologies, such as the risks around AI, will be the hot topic at ISACA’s Digital Trust World Europe conference in Dublin between 17–19 October 2023. The conference will welcome participants from all over the world to the Emerald Isle’s fair city for three days of workshops, masterclasses, talks, and networking. If you didn’t arrive armed with digital trust as a gold standard of your company, you certainly will leave with all the tools to make that happen. 

In the run-up to the event, ISACA’s annual State of Digital Trust survey highlights the importance of digital trust for business and IT professionals in Europe. In fact, 94 percent of respondents believe that digital trust is relevant to their organisation, with 93 percent of IT professionals stating it is relevant to their current job.

Meanwhile, 79 percent of those surveyed recognise that organisations that demonstrate their commitment to digital trust will be more successful. But are businesses acting on their need to strengthen digital trust? The research suggests not. While 45 percent of respondents say it is important to have a framework for digital trust practices, only 13 percent currently use one.

Third-party trust 

Digital trust, defined by ISACA as the confidence in the integrity of relations, interactions and transactions among providers and consumers within an associated digital ecosystem, is important for customer and staff retention, but businesses would do well to remember that it is not just their business the trust applies to – it goes along the whole supply chain. 

At Digital Trust World Europe one session that will ensure firms are on the right track with digital trust within their supply chain is: “Your Third Parties are Worse Than You Think – Has the Digital Journey Added to the Risks of Third Party Risk Management?”.

The session will focus on the failure of organisations to recognise the unnerving risks posed, the challenges faced in addressing these risks and why implementing a third-party risk management program is essential.

ISACA Conference Europe 2022. Photo: Uncredited.
ISACA Conference Europe 2022. Photo: Uncredited.

Attendees will become acquainted with the risks involved in working with third parties, and how compromise through third-party access could lead to reputational damage and financial loss.

Whistleblower Christopher Wylie talks trust 

Conference attendees will be treated to ringside seats at a fireside chat with Data Scientist, Social Researcher, and whistleblower Christopher Wylie – best known for his ‘take down’ of the cyber warfare firm Cambridge Analytica. Christopher will discuss the importance of trust in the data we rely on to make decisions and the digital platforms we use. The discussion will also focus on how algorithms and data can be weaponised to adversely affect companies and society as a whole, and the safeguards needed to ensure the integrity of the tools relied on to conduct business.

AI, digital trust, and NATO strategies 

ISACA’s State of Digital Trust survey revealed that 83 percent of businesses think digital trust will be even more important over the next five years. Within the last year, ChatGPT has become the object of many companies’ affection, and firms are seeking how they can implement the OpenAI tool into their systems.

Given that digital trust is a driving factor in consumer decisions and enterprise resilience in a digital-dominated environment, digital trust affords businesses the opportunity to improve their brand and reputation. This is important when implementing technology such as AI. 

Attendees can learn all about ChatGPT risks through “ChatGPT Masterclass: AI, Risk, and Security: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the GPT,” a two-hour masterclass held before the opening session on 17 Oct. The class, free for all attendees, will explore the intersection of artificial intelligence, security, and risk. Participants will learn how to understand the applications of the AI platform and how they can enhance their business, all while assessing risk through the pros and cons of the technology. 

ISACA Conference Europe 2022. Photo: Uncredited
ISACA Conference Europe 2022. Photo: Uncredited

Other sessions on AI, the use of ChatGPT, and the risks involved with this emerging technology include Deep Learning Models, ChatGPT and Cybersecurity Risks, Auditing in the World of Generative, and Trustworthy AI: Ensuring Accountability, Transparency, and Responsibility in Automated Decision-Making

But don’t worry if you’re not yet quite ready for AI. Enrique Pérez de Tena, Strategic Communication Specialist at NATO, will give attendees a taste of what it is like to work at Cyberspace Command, how important it is to have qualified people in such positions, and the importance of having a solid strategic plan.

Speaking of planning, time to grab yourself a ticket for ISACA’s Digital Trust World Europe conference – and we will see you in Dublin from 17–19 October 2023 for some great workshops, masterclasses, talks, and networking.

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