In many cases, programs that we use on a daily basis may have security problems. There may be vulnerabilities and flaws that will allow hackers to steal personal data, information or even control the device. In this case, we echo a bug that affects Adobe, specifically Acrobat and Reader. It is quite popular to use it to read PDF files, so it could affect many users.

The goal should always be to avoid this type of security flaws and be protected. Normally, the developers themselves release patches and updates to avoid the problem. Sometimes these new versions install themselves, but other times they need to be done manually.

Security flaw in Adobe

It’s about a zero day failure, about which no information has been revealed at the moment so as not to make the work of cybercriminals easier. It is known that it affects both macOS and Windows. This vulnerability has been registered as CVE-2023-26369. The company itself has launched an alert message informing.

But what exactly happens if an attacker exploits this flaw? He could reach run code and, therefore, affect the security of the system. It is an attack that, furthermore, is not very complex and can be exploited without needing to have privileges. However, the good news is that this vulnerability can only be exploited locally, by attackers with physical access. In addition, it will require the interaction of the victim.

This that we have mentioned makes the failure less dangerous. For this reason, it has received a CVSS score of 3.1. Far, therefore, from other much more serious vulnerabilities that we have seen on other occasions. However, this does not mean that it should be ignored and stop taking action. In fact, from Adobe they have described it as a top priority.

How to fix the problem

From Adobe, they recommend that users and administrators update as soon as possible. They indicate that the ideal is to do it in a maximum of three days. Therefore, simply by making sure that you have your programs updated to the latest version, you will avoid this security flaw and you will correctly protect your devices.

Once again, the importance of having everything up to date is demonstrated. It is key to have the latest versions, regardless of whether we are dealing with a program such as Adobe Reader or Acrobat, as well as any other software that you can use in your day to day. The same should apply to the operating system, card drivers, etc.

There are always three fundamental pillars to be protected: common sense, having everything updated and having a good antivirus. In this case, what matters is having the latest version and thus being able to correct this vulnerability that they have detected. There are always risks when downloading Torrent files, as well as any other on the Internet. Therefore, it is key that you use official platforms at all times.

Ultimately, if you use Adobe Reader or Acrobat, we recommend that you update as soon as possible. The objective is to correct a new security flaw that they have detected. However, we advise you to always check all your applications and make sure that you have them updated and thus be able to avoid problems.