Hacking IoT Security with Aaron Guzman

Sources and Sinks interviews car hacker and IoT security expert, Aaron Guzman

Vickie Li
Photo by Hiroyoshi Urushima on Unsplash

Information security is no longer staying on our laptops and in our browsers. As our devices become increasingly interconnected too, we have to start thinking about the security of our IoT devices. Today on sources and sinks, we talk to IoT hacker Aaron Guzman about his work in IoT security, his experience hacking Subaru cars, and how we can improve IoT security through regulation, policies, and education.

Aaron Guzman is a published author and a technical reviewer for several security books. He is the Head of Product & Application Security with Cisco Meraki where he focuses on building security into enterprise IoT products and crafting designs that keep users safe from compromise. Aaron spearheads many open-source initiatives, raising awareness about IoT hacking and proactive defensive strategies under OWASP’s IoT and Embedded Application Security projects. A co-chair of Cloud Security Alliance’s IoT Working Group, he has extensive public speaking experience delivering conference presentations, training, and workshops globally. Follow Aaron on Twitter @scriptingxss.