A CyberSecurity CEO Used Apple’s AirTags to Locate His Stolen Scooter

Dan Guido’s cybersecurity consulting firm Trail of Bits claims its clients range from Facebook to DARPA. CNET tells the story of what happened after someone stole Guido’s electric scooter: The cybersecurity CEO, located in Brooklyn, New York, had hidden two Apple AirTags inside the black scooter, concealed with black duct tape. He set out the next day to locate the vehicle with help from the little Bluetooth trackers. Spoiler alert: He succeeded.

Guido works at the New York City-based Trail of Bits, a cybersecurity research and consulting firm that serves clients in the defense, tech, finance and blockchain industries. He chronicled his hunt for the scooter in a series of tweets Monday, sharing both the challenges and successes of his wild journey… After some convincing, two police officers eventually agreed to accompany him to the scooter’s location. Then, they spotted something promising: an e-bike store.

After venturing inside, Guido received a ping, alerting him the elusive scooter was nearby…

Guido’s tweets document the rest of the big confrontation. “As I further inspect the scooter, the cops start asking questions: Do you sell used e-bikes? Do you collect info from the seller? Do you ask they prove ownership? What is the contact info for the person who dropped this scooter off? No, No, No, and we donâ(TM)t know…

“An employee inside realizes we’re investigating further. He immediately becomes agitated: I should be happy I got my scooter back and leave. Itâ(TM)s my fault for getting it stolen. Iâ(TM)m screwing up his day. This isnâ(TM)t how we do things in Brooklyn. More joined in…”

Among Guido’s final tweets of advice: “Limit your in-person interactions and always involve the police. Donâ(TM)t try to retrieve your stolen goods until you have backup.”

Apple Insider adds that “This Apple Insider. “”>isn’t the first time that Apple’s AirTags have been used to locate missing or stolen items. Back in July, a tech enthusiast said he used the tracking accessories to find his missing wallet hours after losing it on the New York City subway.”