Should Technology Product Training Be Free?

“If I buy your product, I don’t want to pay more to learn how to use your product,” said Mark Eggleston, who is CISO, chief privacy officer and vice president at Health Partners Plans. This was an excerpt that came from a CISO podcast series with several respected security and technology industry leaders, like David Spark.

I saw this post from Spark last week on LinkedIn, and I was immediately intrigued:

“Really?” I thought. “Are you sure about that?”

A Conversation With Mark Eggleston

So what happened next? Here’s the back and forth I had with Mark, a slightly heated but respectful conversation:

Dan Lohrmann (DL): Provocative statement! You got my attention. I can certainly agree with you on some industry products, such as Security Mentor’s security awareness training. We follow that model you suggest to use our platform.

But … as a longtime CIO, CISO, CTO and CSO in Michigan government, what you describe was never the model there. We paid millions of dollars for training during my years in state government, for training from Microsoft (OS, system admin, security, email, etc.), Oracle (big training money on everything they sell), IBM, Apple, Cisco and many, many more. To keep our tech staff top notch, it was: Get out your checkbook.

Bottom line, sounds good, but not the way business is done now. One more thing: Of course they will all “throw in free training,” if you buy an enterprise agreement for tens of millions of dollars for tens of thousands of enterprise seats. But that’s not the deal that small and medium-size businesses get today if you want to be truly “certified.”

Mark Eggleston (ME): Got it. “So it was always done this way?” MS literally has tons of free training, as (Read more…)

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