Unlock a New Level of Security at Secure Coding Virtual Summit

A lot of cyberattacks can be prevented by developers who have the right security tools and training. The challenge is that most do not have a full understanding of security best practices.

At Secure Coding Virtual Summit, industry-leading AppSec and DevSecOps practitioners, analysts and visionaries will come together to share practical tips and provide guidance to help developers and ops teams make the right security decisions to keep their data and systems secure.

The agenda for the virtual event, taking place March 24 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET, features a mix of topics including AppSec, threat modeling, API security, container security, case studies and more.

The most brilliant security luminaries from OWASP, Okta, Microsoft, Secure Code Warrior, WhiteSource and many other well-known IT companies, will discuss:

  • Cybersecurity challenges and solutions
  • DevSecOps best practices
  • How to level up your secure coding strategies
  • How to integrate threat modeling into the SDLC
  • How to run an AppSec program with open source projects
  • The best practices for securing your APIs, the attack surface of an API and common authorization problems
  • How to transform developers into security people
  • How to keep your cloud and Kubernetes clusters secure
  • How to create an AppSec pipeline with containers (demo)

This year’s Secure Coding features outstanding industry leaders, such as:

  • Vandana Verma Sehgal, global board of directors at OWASP
  • Sarah Young, security architect at Microsoft
  • Simone Curzi, cybersecurity principal consultant at Microsoft
  • Keith Casey, API problem solver at Okta
  • Matias Madou, CTO and co-founder at Secure Code Warrior
  • Matthew Coles, senior principal product security engineer at Dell
  • Chris Romeo, CEO and co-founder at Security Journey
  • Dr. Phillipe de Ryck, web security expert and founder at Pragmatic Web Security
  • Richard Greenberg, founder and CEO at Security Advisors LLC
  • Izar Tarandach, principal security engineer at Squarespace
  • Jeroen Willemsen, principal security architect at Xebia
  • Shiri Ivtsan, director of product at WhiteSource
  • Justin Hutchings, director of product management at GitHub
  • Matt Tesauro, senior partner at 10 Security
  • Matthew Butler, principle engineer at Laurel Lye

Attendees will have access to useful resources and will be able to interact with sponsors to power up their secure coding strategies. There will be live Q&A chats with keynote speakers to get your burning questions answered. Attendees will also have the opportunity to hunt for Easter eggs to boost their player score for a chance to win amazing prices.

To see the full agenda and to register, please visit the Secure Coding website.