Untangle SD-WAN Router 3.0 Network Security for Your Workforce


While security breaches of large global companies are often front-page news, SMBs aren’t immune to cyber attacks. In fact, according to the Verizon Business 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report (2020 DBIR), almost a third of data breaches (28%) in 2020 involved small businesses. Technology may be rapidly advancing to increase protection, yet cybersecurity adversaries continue to find ways to keep up and create new threats, creating a kind of a “chicken or the egg” dilemma.

These threats make it imperative for businesses, including SMBs, to ensure their networks, businesses and employees are protected from cybercriminals. Our latest release of Untangle SD-WAN Router, Version 3.0 does just that.

Introducing SD-WAN Router 3.0

Our latest release of Untangle’s award winning router SD-WAN Router, Version 3.0, introduces WireGuard® VPN integration to provide organizations with an easy to configure, state-of-the-art encrypted VPN connection. With the addition of WireGuard VPN, which was also recently added to the latest update to NG Firewall 16.0, you’ll be able to quickly set up a VPN connection between your security gateway and SD-WAN Router, resulting in a fast-performing virtual network connection.

WireGuard VPN simplifies remote access for devices and networks and is fast and modern VPN technology that uses state-of-the-art cryptography. Additionally our new WireGuard VPN app makes setting up a VPN connection between NG Firewall and SD-WAN Router very easy, simply copy and paste your configuration profile. Once you’ve created the tunnel, you can specify the applications or other types of traffic to send over the tunnel.

This upgrade is especially important to SMBs whose network security requirements are continuously evolving. Whether it’s protecting branch offices or remote workers, the need for VPN connectivity is constantly increasing, making this latest SD-WAN Router release an important solution to offer a powerful, yet affordable device to flexibly manage branch locations or work from anywhere offices.


To make it even more convenient for businesses and IT administrators to use SD-WAN Router, our new release expands LTE provider options, offering AT&T for network connectivity. Other noteworthy improvements include:

  • Simplified rule conditions: SD-WAN Router’s advanced routing settings give IT administrators the ability to optimize their networks so the business applications that matter most to them feel the most performant. The rule conditions provide a powerful set of advanced routing conditions. We’ve adjusted the way we present the rule conditions so they are more intuitive and easier to navigate to quickly configure what’s important.

  • DNS diagnostics widget: If there’s an issue with DNS, resolution issues can quickly become a problem. SD-WAN Router now alerts the administrator if they have inadvertently set up DNS incorrectly, so that configuration can be corrected before the network is affected.

  • Configurable interface speed settings: Usually interface speeds are automatically discovered leaving no configuration necessary for an administrator. However, sometimes it’s not possible to make the discovery on certain networks. In these cases, the administrator can enter, or override the interface speed settings.

  • Improved DHCP Server management: Administrators can view and search through all existing DHCP leases and can create a reservation from a lease.

  • Visibility to the Linked Command Center account: The most convenient way to access SD-WAN Router settings for one, or hundreds of appliances is through Untangle Command Center. However, for our MSP’s that have multiple accounts, it’s easy to lose track. The Command Center linked account is now prominently displayed on the SD-WAN Router administration GUI so it’s easy to navigate back and forth between GUI’s.

  • Reboot/shutdown from GUI: Today’s IT administrators are rarely at the same physical location as their networking devices. Untangle Command Center and SD-WAN Router’s browser based GUI ensure administrators can do everything, from anywhere. This now includes being able to shut down the device, or reboot it.

With the new reality of remote work coupled with increased cybersecurity threats, SD-WAN Router 3.0, with increased options for VPN access and support for LTE connectivity across all major U.S. Telcos, is an ideal solution for your small business or distributed workforce to provide a fast and secure connection across locations and networks.

Find out more about SD-WAN Router 3.0 here.

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