7 Lessons Learned From SMB Cybersecurity Leaders

While I might not be in the IT trenches, over my years in sales I have had the benefit of working alongside IT leaders across multiple industries. I’ve learned first-hand about the problems IT leaders face in their everyday cybersecurity operations.

And what is the biggest takeaway? It’s that at small to medium-sized businesses or really any with a blossoming security program, IT leaders’ cybersecurity problems revolve mainly around a lack of three components: people, process, and technology.

With that in mind, here are seven cybersecurity lessons I’ve learned that stem from gaps in these three key components:

1. The Whole is More Than the Sum of its Parts

To adequately protect IT environments, organizations need a well-oiled machine that consists of all three critical components—people, process, and technology. It’s a balanced system where an organization can only get the most from their investment in one component if they have the other components to complement.
2. Visibility into Defense at Depth
I often hear about past security incidents where organizations had no idea what was happening until an attacker encrypted half their files. The common denominator is clear: they lacked defenses and visibility into what was happening during an attack. Unfortunately, the reality is that having a few cybersecurity tools and reviewing the occasional alert won’t protect organizations from the vast number of attacks they face daily. Defense at depth is a requirement these days, not a nice-to-have. You need technology to detect IOCs and people equipped with the processes to review such indicators.
3. Proactivity Pays Off
I recently spoke with an IT leader facing a phishing email breach that encrypted every shared file to which the hacker gained access. The result? A three-day recovery effort. One thing he said stuck with me. He noted that while response capabilities (Read more…)

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