BrandPost: Next-generation SIEM for Healthcare: Here’s What to Consider When Considering SIEM

This last year our team has seen more sophisticated cyber threats targeted towards healthcare organizations than ever before. Some you’ve probably heard on the news, some have been kept quietly under wraps. One of the most pragmatic pieces of software to guard against these bad actors is security information and event management (SIEM) software. The most advanced SIEM products provide unrivaled incident detection, speed up incident management, and meet regulatory compliance needs.

In response to the increase in sophisticated attacks CyberMaxx is releasing our second-generation SIEM and Analytics security platform. While this solution is cloud-native, it also has many enhancements including improved artifact retrieval and white noise reduction. This allows our security experts to speed up threat hunting and incident investigation.

So, what should you consider when evaluating a SIEM platform?

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Cloud Considerations

Healthcare has had to rapidly pivot to the cloud this year. While most SIEM platforms are compatible with the cloud, they aren’t necessarily designed for the cloud. For our team at CyberMaxx, we didn’t want our SIEM to simply integrate with the cloud services that our customers used most; we also needed it to offer the dynamic scaling and integrations of a true cloud-native solution.

There are many benefits associated with our new design. The cloud-native footprint provides a much faster time-to-value than the 1st-generation, appliance-based SIEM. It also reduces the friction of implementation, getting your team secured in minutes in the ideal scenario and providing greater flexibility. CyberMaxx’s cloud-native SIEM offers organizations automatic allocation with improved scaling, which means no downtime.

Finally, our cloud-native design cuts incident investigation from days and hours to minutes and seconds, making it easier for CyberMaxx to report on and investigate incidents quickly. Time while under attack is a precious commodity, and with CyberMaxx’s new SIEM and Analytics platform we can greatly reduce the exposure and time-to-resolution.

Complex Use Cases and Advanced Alerting

Cloud-native SIEM solutions offer significant advantages over appliance-based solutions in protecting your network because they expand the use-case options. And with the new design and workflow we can protect against more sophisticated attacks. Most notably, these new advancements will detect incidents that would otherwise go unnoticed. For example, our new SIEM for healthcare can include very complex logic such as:

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Leveraging Industry Knowledge to Stay a Step Ahead 

We’ve seen SIEM vendors from SumoLogic to Microsoft Sentinel making this shift to the cloud. However, healthcare companies may struggle to see a return on their investment. In the healthcare industry in particular, there are many competing IT priorities and staffing difficulties (significantly worsened during this pandemic). The competition for a security team’s time and resources means that these solutions aren’t always managed properly, leaving organizations with a false sense of security.

The ideal solution for healthcare organizations is opting for an industry-specific managed SIEM solution. A managed solution will host and monitor your network for potential threats. It becomes a complete turnkey solution – people, process, and technology in one. Additionally, an industry-focused solution provides the expertise needed to defend against attacks on medical systems and software. Also, with this industry-specific knowledge, attacks can be mitigated before they reach the network due to the likelihood our security team has already identified the attack.

An industry-specific solution also focuses solely on security outcomes, not full data analytics. That’s why they are usually the preferred choice for highly-regulated industries – and why we think they are an essential factor to consider when you are evaluating SIEM solutions.

Evaluating SIEM Vendors

Overall, a SIEM solution must be a core component of your cybersecurity strategy. They offer actionable threat intelligence, providing the insight needed to both monitor activities within your own IT environment and help you manage a complex and ever-expanding IT ecosystem. CyberMaxx’s cloud-native MAXX SIEM was built with the advanced features that healthcare providers need to protect against cybersecurity’s modern and evolving reality. Regardless of which vendor you chose for your SIEM product, we recommend considering the environment, use case and alerting capabilities, and overall expertise when evaluating products to ensure your network is protected in this era of increasing cybercrime.

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