Recent Root-Giving Sudo Bug Also Impacts macOS

A British security researcher has discovered this week that a recent security flaw in the Sudo app also impacts the macOS operating system, and not just Linux and BSD, as initially believed. From a report: The vulnerability, disclosed last week as CVE-2021-3156 (aka Baron Samedit) by security researchers from Qualys, impacts Sudo, an app that allows admins to delegate limited root access to other users. Qualys researchers discovered that they could trigger a “heap overflow” bug in the Sudo app to change the current user’s low-privileged access to root-level commands, granting the attacker access to the whole system. The only condition to exploit this bug was that an attacker gain access to a system, which researchers said could be done by either planting malware on a device or brute-forcing a low-privileged service account. In their report last week, Qualys researchers said they only tested the issue on Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora. They said that are UNIX-like operating systems are also impacted, but most security researchers thought the bug might impact BSD, another major OS that also ships with the Sudo app.