Authorities Plan To Mass-Uninstall Emotet From Infected Hosts on March 25

Law enforcement officials in the Netherlands are in the process of delivering an Emotet update that will remove the malware from all infected computers on March 25, 2021, ZDNet has learned today. From a report: The update was made possible after law enforcement agencies from across eight countries orchestrated a coordinated takedown this week to seize servers and arrest individuals behind Emotet, considered today’s largest malware botnet. While servers were located across multiple countries, Dutch officials said that two of three of Emotet’s primary command and control (C&C) servers were located inside its borders. Dutch police officials said today they used their access to these two crucial servers to deploy a boobytrapped Emotet update to all infected hosts. According to public reports, also confirmed by ZDNet with two cyber-security firms that have historically tracked Emotet operations, this update contains a time-bomb-like code that will uninstall the Emotet malware on March 25, 2021, at 12:00, the local time of each computer.