Trump Seeks To Curb Foreign Cyber Meddling on Last Day in Office

Outgoing President Donald Trump has signed an executive order aimed at thwarting foreign use of cloud computing products for malicious cyber operations against the United States, the White House said on Tuesday, Trump’s last full day in office. From a report: The order, first reported by Reuters, gives the Commerce Department authority to write rules to bar transactions with foreigners in cloud computing products or services, if a foreigner uses them for cyber attacks. “What we have seen in this space is that…an individual will rent thousands of pieces of this infrastructure inside the United States and resell them to actors who then abuse them,” a senior administration official told Reuters. “This provides the Secretary of Commerce the ability to say…’ There is no reason for you to continue to have access to the nation’s products,'” the person added, noting the restrictions could apply to jurisdictions as well as people and companies. The order also requires the agency to write rules in six months for U.S. providers of Infrastructure as a Service, a type of cloud computing, to verify the identity of foreigners with whom they do business and keep certain records.