What can we learn from the SolarWinds Breach?

SUMMARY: CISO’s and C-level leaders around the world need to look at the exposure risk of sensitive data in their organizations when attackers can infiltrate and control its IT network like in the recent Solarwinds breach scenario. While dramatic and concerning, the compromise also creates the opportunity to engage in a new strategy for data security resilience. While no one solution can mitigate advanced threats from nation-states, a data-centric security approach does have powerful mitigating properties and offers both a strong last line of defense, and a first line of investment value to increased digital freedom in an untrusted world plagued by attackers. To be clear, nation-state level attacks of this nature and from such sophisticated attack networks are unstoppable[1]. This amplifies the need to slow down such attackers with speed bumps wherever possible to buy time to react, or to redirect attackers to entities that are softer and easier to exploit.

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