BrandPost: Securely managing the IT workload: In-house or outsource?

Everything IT manages on a day-to-day basis has grown in size and complexity – more devices, more apps, more data, and more vendors ‒ and remote work and security have become the natural focus.

As IT takes a more visible role, it creates major opportunities for strategic IT initiatives. However, it also puts significant pressure on IT leaders to make sure daily operations are secure and employees are engaged and productive. That’s why third-party services relationships are now essential to running a successful IT organization.

Managing a secure, remote workforce

Today’s workforce now relies on anywhere/anytime access; according to recent Gallup research, 62% of U.S. employees are now working entirely from home.1 And while this provides benefits for employee productivity, the increase in devices also increases exposure to security threats. IT leaders look to services experts to help manage the devices and keep them secure.

Making sense of the data

Large amounts of data have become essential to business operations, but it can be overwhelming to manage. 73.4% of executives say that business adoption of big data and AI initiatives continues to be a challenge for their organizations,2 revealing the need for services partners with the expertise and resources to manage the data, analyze it, and create actionable information.

Participating in the service economy

While businesses continue to take on more data and devices, consumer buying behavior is shifting to services. That’s why companies seek services vendors who can take on functional and tactical tasks and offer strategic oversight on everything from device usage to enterprise risk management.

Ensuring continuity

Managed services play an important role for businesses looking to build capabilities and subscribe to services or solutions on flexible terms. With HP Services as a partner, your organization is supported with intelligent solutions that streamline, secure, and optimize IT service delivery. And when IT does more, so can your employees.

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