International Computer Security Day- November 30, 2020

Happy International Computer Security Day!

A day to remind us to secure our computers. Let’s raise awareness together!

2021 is just around the corner but we still have one significant worldwide event in November before we say goodbye to 2020. The International Computer Security Day.

This day was introduced back in 1988, a year Cornell University researchers uncovered an unknown virus lurking around in their computer systems. The day serves as an important reminder to focus on strengthening the security of our electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and other smart devices.

While communication has become easier and more efficient than ever before, these technological advancements have brought many privacy issues and security concerns as well. International Computer Security Day (CSD) encourages users to stay alert with electronic devices’ security, to take necessary precautions and maintain the privacy of data.

Times have changed since the invention of the first home computer. Today, we use a computer to stay connected, progress and achieve. We can do almost anything with our computers, from working on our projects to banking, gaining education to attending meetings, researching complex issues to sharing ideas on the internet. 

So, it makes perfect sense to take every necessary step to keep these powerful devices secure. Some of these devices hold our lifetime data, including our treasured and irreplaceable photos, passwords, and personal information. Not to forget our very own identity existence on these devices.

The number of computer users was rapidly increasing in the 1980s, especially in business and government. But if we look back at the computer virus then, the first computer virus, “Creeper”, was written in the 1970s. It didn’t do much other than displaying a message that said: “I’m the creeper, catch me if you can!”

Since then, viruses are growing in multiple sizes which are more complex, and to note; they are not harmless as “Creeper”. So, as the number of computer users increased so does the virus that is when it is decided to invest in cybersecurity to prevent harmful viruses. And it was in 1988, The Association for Computer Security launched the first Computer Security Day to raise awareness concerning computer security.

By the early 1990s, computers had become an important component for almost everyone. Every bank, office and hospital started using a computer to work more efficiently but that also meant vital data at risk of getting corrupted if there is a data breach. 

And talking about the present, it seems like every day we see breaches in cybersecurity making headlines. It is only a month passed since Hungarian Banks and Telecoms Service suffered a cyber attack or Microsoft making headlines being the most impersonated brand in the third quarter of 2020.

Therefore, International Computer Security Day or Cybersecurity Awareness Month are celebrated with a common goal to raise awareness about the prevailing and emerging global cybersecurity issues.

Celebrate Implementing Effective Cybersecurity Measures

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Effective Cybersecurity Measures

Well throwing a party or inviting friends over is definitely not a way to celebrate International Computer Security Day. Observing this day is to focus on ensuring that your smartphones, tablets, computers, and other smart devices along with the data are all secure. The data which is in the device or in the cloud.

Here are the 7 tips that you begin to implement today:

  • Use strong passwords: Passwords that are 6 characters long are easier to hack, especially if they are only made up of numbers or lowercase letters. To make a strong password, it is advisable to always weave a 9-10 character combination of symbols, numbers, uppercase letters, and lowercase letters.
  • Two-factor authentication: Having a strong password is not enough sometimes, it’s better to have two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication. It adds an extra step or extra layer of security measures so if a hacker can guess your password correctly, there is still an additional security measure in place.
  • Install a firewall: Firewall is a powerful gatekeeper between the computer and the internet, it blocks unwanted information and people from entering a business’s computer from the internet. It is recommended that all SMBS install a firewall to provide an obstruction between your information and the cybercriminals.
  • Keep up with updates: It is important to keep your system’s security software up to date. This activity should be practised regularly and not only on this particular day. Updates contain vital security upgrades that help the devices in protecting against known bugs and vulnerabilities.
  • Encryption and back-up the data: Cybercriminals are not always on the lookout to steal your data but sometimes the end-goal is to encrypt or erase it. So, always encrypt your files and after it is done, it’s up to you where you want to back it up, either you can choose the hard drive, USB or online cloud storage.
  • Regular check: Getting vulnerability assessment and penetration testing regularly will help you identify any security loopholes in your organization’s IT infrastructure. Identifying vulnerabilities will give information on the necessary measures to be taken before any cybersecurity attacks occur.
  • Educate all employees: Another key aspect is to train your employees with security awareness training to give them a better understanding and knowledge about cybersecurity. For hackers, it is easy to lure your employees than to hack your organization’s IT infrastructure.  And one always go for the easy method first.

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