JumpCloud’s Zero Day macOS Big Sur Support Gives Admins Options & Advantages

Ready or not: macOS® Big Sur is here! While the much-anticipated OS release introduces quite a few changes, the most significant one for Mac® administrators is that Apple®’s MDM protocol is now the only way to manage Mac devices running Big Sur and later versions. 

If it inspires feelings of panic, it’s justified: Unless you enroll end user devices running Big Sur into an Apple MDM, you’ll lose the ability to do essential tasks that we’ll cover in this blog. You can ease your worries by enrolling in JumpCloud MDM today in minutes, and get your questions answered by JumpCloud’s MDM lead when you sign up now to join Office Hours on Friday, November 13th.

Don’t Lose Control Over Macs Running Big Sur 

Mac admins should have total control over how Big Sur and any OS update are introduced at their organization. But there are certain changes with macOS Big Sur that will have an impact on device management and security that an MDM solution may or may not be able to assist with.

If your end user Mac computers are not enrolled in an Apple MDM, then you’ll lose control over things like being able to silently deliver and install configuration profiles on devices. JumpCloud’s MDM-powered policies are how admins deploy configuration profiles to Mac computers running Big Sur and following versions, without end user interaction, for critical Mac controls like:

  • Lock Screen: The end user’s screen saver will lock after the amount of seconds specified, and a password will be required to unlock the screen saver. 
  • FileVault: Remotely enforce FileVault on macOS devices and easily view Recovery Keys in your JumpCloud Admin Portal. FileVault full-disk encryption (FileVault 2) helps prevent unauthorized access to the information on your user’s startup disks.
  • Disable USB: Prevent mounting of external storage devices, including USB and SD flash devices.

Only with MDM can you also customize your Mac computer controls with the JumpCloud MDM Custom Configuration Profile Policy, which lets you upload and distribute MDM configuration profiles (.mobilconfig files) to enrolled devices, (Read more…)

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