How To Prepare for a CMMC Audit

CMMC is one of the most significant compliance shakeups of the last two decades.

After years of allowing contractors to self-assess their readiness, the DoD will now require all contractors and subcontractors to pass a stringent audit of their cyber and information security programs.

With CMMC version 1.02 already released, organizations are asking themselves, “how do you prepare for an audit that’s never been done before?”

If your organization finds itself in this position, here are the steps you can take to make sure you’re ready for CMMC ahead of time.

6 Steps to Prepare for Your CMMC Audit

Step #1: Start Now

The first thing you need to know about preparing for a CMMC audit is simple: start now. CMMC is more stringent than almost any previous cybersecurity framework, so it’s highly likely that reaching CMMC compliance will be more arduous than you’re expecting.

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