Securonix to integrate with Tanium

As workplaces are becoming more remote, with almost half of the workforce working from home, and an introduction of bring your own device policies in many organisations, endpoints have become more distributed and cyberattacks even more prevalent. Remote workforces are creating more vulnerabilities for endpoints as they are no longer located in secure networks, making endpoints an increasingly critical vector for advance threats in dire need of protection.

Secureonix has recently announced an integration with Tanium, who together will provide organisations with stronger analytics to detect and respond to unknown threats across remote endpoints. Secureonix and Tanium’s integration will help boost threat detection by combining the best endpoint security with the best security monitoring in one packaged solution. The integration between Secureonic and Tanium will include more than 50 out-of-the-box Tanium queries and over 80 out-of-the-box use cases across multiple product modules, including Tanium Threat Response, Tanium Comply and Tanium Asset.

The strategic integration between Securonix and Tanium will help create a unified solution providing enhanced visibility and context necessary to detect and respond to endpoint threats. Secureonix will enrich the endpoint telemetry from Tanium with additional context to help quickly detect and respond to advanced threats. The integration of the products will help improve threat detection; allow for faster, more accurate searches; and reduce the meantime of responses and remediations.

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