eBPF Summit Oct 28-29, 2020


The first ever eBPF Summit is just over one week out and we are already well
past 1’000 registrations. We have been blown away by the number of talk and
keynote proposals. This also meant that we had to turn down many fantastic
talks and we hope that our selection provides an interesting and diverse set of
talks. Some of the content that did not make the schedule will be posted as
blog posts on ebpf.io over the coming weeks. In this post, we’ll give a quick
preview of what to be excited about and how to plan to attend the event.

If you have not registered for the event, register
. The event is free and held fully virtual.

eBPF is quickly becoming one of the most talked about technologies in our
industry – enabling a new generation of networking, tracing, observability and
security infrastructure. The eBPF Summit is targeted at users and potential
users of this groundbreaking technology – both those looking at leveraging eBPF
directly or via one of the projects leveraging eBPF (e.g. bpftrace, Cilium,
Falco, etc.)

The summit will be held Oct 28-29, 2020 in a fully virtual setting and will
feature a mix of voices from the various eBPF communities. We’ll hear from the
eBPF maintainers, various eBPF-based projects, eBPF book authors but most
importantly, we’ll hear from a wide set of eBPF users sharing their experience
on how they leverage and utilize eBPF.

On both days, we will feature a set of 15 min keynotes from interesting people
in the eBPF space. We’ll hear from both eBPF Co-Maintainers, eBPF-based project
maintainers, book authors, and otherwise awesome people.


Day One: Oct 28

  • A beginner’s guide to eBPF programming
    Liz Rice, VP, Open Source Engineering, Aqua
  • BPF as a fundamentally better dataplane
    Daniel Borkmann, eBPF Co-Maintainer, Isovalent
  • Our eBPF Journey at Datadog
    Laurent Bernaille, Staff Engineer & Tabitha Sable, Systems Security Engineer Datadog
  • Security Auditing and Enforcement using eBPF
    KP Singh, Kernel Runtime Security, Google
  • Topic to be announced
    David Miller, Kernel Maintainer, Red Hat

Day Two: Oct 29

  • Safe programs. The foundation of BPF
    Alexei Starovoitov, eBPF Co-Maintainer, Facebook
  • Topic to be announced
    Kris Nova, Software Engineer & Open Source Advocate
  • Performance Wins with BPF: Getting Started
    Brendan Gregg, Author of “BPF Performance Tools“, Lead Performance Engineer, Netflix
  • Kubernetes Network Policy Logging with eBPF
    Zang Li, Cilium Core Team Maintainer, Google
  • The Future of eBPF Networking and Security
    Thomas Graf, Co-Creator of the Cilium Project, Isovalent

Lightning Talks

We have received numerous submissions for the lightning talk sessions which
will be spread over both days as well. The quality of the submissions has been
overwhelming. We have explicitly chosen to only run lightning sessions to give
as many members in the community a voice as possible. Despite this, we have
received more than 3 times as many submissions as available speaking slots so
we had to turn down many awesome talks. We will definitely repeat this event
and will consider expanding the scope of it to provide more speaking

The schedule for the lightning talks is still being finalized, as it stands
right now, the following talks will be presented during the lightning talk
session. We will announce the exact speaking times as we receive all title,
abstract and session information from all the speakers.

Title Speaker
Using BCC and bpftrace with Performance Co-Pilot Andreas Gerstmayr, Red Hat
Containers and BPF: twagent story Andrey Ignatov, Facebook
Zero instrumentation monitoring with your first steps in eBPF Beatriz Martínez, Isovalent
eBPF at Adobe Brandon Cook, Adobe
How and When You Should Measure CPU Overhead of eBPF Programs Bryce Kahle, Datadog
Building a Behavioral Knowledge Graph using eBPF Dinesh Venkatesan, Microsoft
Can eBPF save us from the data deluge? A case for file filtering in eBPF Giulia Frascaria, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Tracing and detecting malware using eBPF Itay Shakury, Aqua Security
Steering connections to sockets with BPF socket lookup hook Jakub Sitnicki, Cloudflare
Building rbperf, a Ruby BPF profiler Javier Honduvilla Coto, Facebook
Enabling eBPF super powers on ARM64 with Cilium Jianlin Lv, Arm
How to ship BPF with your Go project Lorenz Bauer, Cloudflare
Debugging the eBPF Virtual Machine Lorenzo Fontana, Sysdig
Traffic Control the Rabbit with Rust using RedBPF LOU Xun, CCP Games
Implementation of Hardware Breakpoint in BCC Manali Shukla, Cisco Systems India
Identity Aware Threat Detection and Network Monitoring by using eBPF Natalia Reka Ivanko, Isovalent
Scaling a multi-tenant k8s cluster in a Telco Pablo Moncada, MasMovil
The tale of Smokey and the Crypto Bandits Ramiro Berrelleza, Okteto
Securing Kubernetes Clusters with DevSecOps and GitLab Sam White, GitLab
From Managed Kubernetes to App Platform: 1.5 Years of Cilium Usage at DigitalOcean Timo Reinmann, DigitalOcean
bpfbox: Simple Precise Process Confinement with KRSI and eBPF William Findlay, Carleton University
eBPF in LINE Yutaro Hayakawa, LINE Corporation


I’m personally extremely thrilled about the summit and look forward to it with
excitement. In particular about the diversity of voices that we will hear from.
eBPF is quickly turning into one of the most important technologies and the
broad community pushing it forward is one of the most important factors of
eBPF’s success.

Thomas Graf is a Co-Creator of Cilium and the CTO & Co-Founder of Isovalent, the company behind Cilium. Previously, Thomas worked at Red Hat and Cisco as Linux kernel developer on the Linux kernel and various other open-source projects.