PCI DSS Part 2: Unify, Manage, & Secure Assets

Previously in Part 1: PCI DSS – Where to Start?, we dove into the technicalities and scope of PCI DSS and strategies for planning for audits and compliance. Within this article, we’ll introduce JumpCloud® and the capabilities it provides, bringing IT administrators a simple way to unify, manage, and secure their environments. The JumpCloud directory platform combines an organization’s resources into a centralized IT management platform, extending identities to countless resources such as devices, networks, applications, files, and more. 

PCI DSS Section 8

We’ve outlined what PCI DSS requires of organizations to meet before passing an audit. Referencing the PCI DSS Quick Reference Guide, we’ll focus on section 8. Approaching configurations around security and access, implementing strong access control measures need to be top of mind. By implementing the security principle of least privilege, you can ensure that only specific users can access the resources they need while denying anyone without assignment. 

Section 8: Identify and authenticate access to system components

PCI DSS requires organizations to secure authentication to any system within the cardholder data environment (CDE). This could encompass databases, devices, applications, networks, datastores, and many other types of resources. This creates a heavy lift for admins without a centralized authentication mechanism or directory service in place. Even harder still, is the ability to manage access, configurations, and consistent password requirements across the entirety of the environment. 

Traditional directory services, such as Microsoft® Active Directory®, may work if compiling multiple ad hoc solutions together, but this creates friction for admins to manage efficiently. Resources outside of Active Directory or Azure®’s control (e.g. macOS® or Linux® devices, AWS, GCP, etc.) may either not be fully covered, or just barely. JumpCloud’s directory platform takes directory services to another level by managing IT resources in a secure unified platform anywhere they are.

Meet Compliance with JumpCloud

Organizations are constantly on the move to improve their security without impeding workflow. This could create some challenges for their IT teams integrating multiple point-solutions  within their environment. The panacea would be (Read more…)

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