Israeli intelligence helps deter hacking attempts in UAE

On Tuesday the UAE Head of NCSC Muhammad Al-Kuwaiti reported that the intel that Israel are sharing has helped to deter and amend any hacking attempts. For the first time the Israeli and UAE cyber chiefs, al-Kuwaiti and Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) Chief Yigal Unna, appeared at a virtual conference at Tel Aviv University. In response to a question about the effect of the Israeli-UAE cyber cooperation as a result of the normalization deals, al-Kuwaiti said that “it has been really a positive and added value to many sectors and aspects” to defending the UAE against hacking attempts.

The cooperation has benefited both states with Chief Yigal Unna saying that “we are threatened by the same threats, maybe even a little more than the rest of the world because of the nature of the region because of the new relationship and because of who we are – strong economically and technologically.”

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