DJI Promises ‘Local Data Mode’ To Fend Off US Government’s Mooted Ban

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Register: Chinese drone maker DJI has commissioned yet another security audit with FTI Consulting that’s given it a clean bill of health, as the US government reportedly prepares to ban its remote controlled aircraft from American skies. DJI, whose headquarters are in the Chinese city of Shenzhen (the firm’s full name is Shenzhen Da-Jiang Innovations Technology Company) has reacted to claims that US regulators intend shutting it out of their market by announcing that a new “local data mode” will be implemented.

In a statement DJI said its local data mode “eliminates internet connectivity and prevents the transmission of all drone data over the internet,” promising to add this to its DJI GO4 and DJI Fly flight control apps “within the coming months.” “This expansion brings Local Data Mode to operators of all recent DJI drones, allowing commercial and government customers, including public safety agencies and other federal, state and local government users, to confidently choose the best DJI drone for each mission,” boasted the firm, which, perhaps justifiably, claims to have a dominant position in the global small drone market.