Bitdefender’s MDR – Lessons learned in uniform

  • Forward thinking security operations are steered by threat intelligence and built on data-driven analytics to hunt.
  • ‘Active defense’ measures were developed within the military and have proven effective against even the most advanced and persistent of adversaries
  • Security is no longer just a technology problem, but a people problem too

Military Necessity and Technological Innovation

History is littered with examples of military necessity driving technological innovation; digital photography, night vision and computer networking are all recent examples of technologies born in the military and widely used in civilian life. Cyber-Security is no different, the principles that underpin the way our military and government agencies approach defending the nation against adversaries in cyberspace are effective. The Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) that we employ must be agile enough to keep pace with an innovative enemy – who is well-trained and well-equipped. But the approach is validated every day and has enabled our military to develop modern operations executed daily while being agile enough to mitigate the threats of tomorrow. These lessons learned in uniform provide today’s security teams with the fundamentals for an effective and modern security program: ‘Assume compromise’, ‘Proactive Detection’, and ‘Rapid Response.

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