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Image: Commodore Grace M. Hopper

On Thursday 8th October the 25 most inspiring women in cyber security in the UK for 2020 will be honoured in an online event designed to highlight their achievements and inspire the next generation of women active or considering a career in cyber security.

You can nominate someone who inspires you, or you can self-nominate to further publicise the work you do, the causes you support and the organisations you represent.  Entry is free, just send your nomination with up to 250 words on why the person nominated should feature to:

Our star-studded judging panel comprises women who are themselves inspiring, both in their own right and through to work they do to encourage and enable more women to enter cybersecurity,  stay in the industry, as well as seek and achieve senior roles – for the benefit of the women themselves and for society as a whole.

Judges include:

Jane Frankland, independent campaigner/influencer

Deshini Newman, Managing Director, EMEA,  ISC2)

Emma Philpot MBE, CEO, IASME

Clare Johnson (founder Women in cyber, Wales, USW)

Amanda Finch, CEO, CIISec

Mandy Haeburn Little, CEO (Business Resilience International Management, ex Scottish Resilience Centre)

Nicola Whiting MBE, Chief Strategy Officer, Titania

Becky Pinkard, CISO, Aldermore

Kate O Flaherty, Cybersecurity and tech journalist

Others to be announced.

Each of the honourees comprising the final 25 will be given the opportunity to provide a brief video introduction.  In addition the event will include a panel discussion on whether COVID-19 and the normalisation of working from home is likely to be beneficial or detrimental to the cause of increasing female representation in the Cybersecurity workforce. Plus there will be five break out chat rooms with the women themselves, each discussing a different aspect of Women in Cyber (and a parallel sixth chat room led by Rik Fergerson on how men can truly be an ally, with more than words).

We are delighted to announce that ISC(2) will be sponsoring the event.  There are a limited number of further sponsorship opportunities available.

The event will be hosted on the IT Security Guru website to be seen by its monthly audience of 23,000 cyber security professionals and shared with its social media following of 17,000 on Twitter and a combined 10,000 on LinkedIn.

The judges will each choose their top 25 from the nominations received and the 25 with the most votes win.

More details to be announced in due course.

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