Webinar: How to keep the UK secure as it reopens

At the time of writing, the UK is on the long, anxious road back to normality as we continue to come slowly out of the nation-wide lockdown facilitated by the Covid-10 pandemic. Where questions a few months ago were related to how we can flatten the curve, protect the NHS and the economy, now the narrative surrounding Covid19 has changed to think about how we can consider keeping businesses as profitable and safe as we creep towards normality.

One of the key concerns that businesses should have are around staying safe and secure, which is of particular concern for SMEs. The reality is a lot of SMEs do not see themselves as a valid target, despite small businesses being targeted over 60,000 a day according to one of the UK’s largest insurers. This, feeding into a cybercrime landscape well in excess of 4 million incidents per year as per the Office of National Statistics, shows the scale of the problem. With policing more concerned with physical, frontline policing, this leaves the onus of keeping secure on businesses.

Take a look at the webinar below, produced by the Great British Entrepreneur Awards in partnership with Starling Bank, where Jamie Ahktar, co-founder and CEO of CyberSmart, explains the nature of these threats to businesses, the changing nature of cybercrime due to lockdown, and how we can work to protect ourselves.

Source: The Great British Entrepreneur Awards

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