Microsoft Goes Big in Security Bug Bounties: Its $13.7m is Double Google’s 2019 Payouts

Microsoft has revealed it has awarded security researchers $13.7m for reporting bugs in Microsoft software since July last year. From a report: Microsoft’s bug bounties are one of the largest source of financial awards for researchers probing software for flaws and, importantly, reporting them to the relevant vendor rather than selling them to cybercriminals via underground markets or exploit brokers who distribute them to government agencies. The Redmond company has 15 bug-bounty programs through which researchers netted $13.7m between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020. That figure is triple the $4.4m it awarded in the same period the previous year. […] Microsoft’s total annual bug-bounty payouts are now much larger than Google’s awards for security flaws in its software, which totaled $6.5m in calendar year 2019. That figure was double the previous year’s payouts from the ad and search giant, which called it a “record-breaking year.”