IAM: App Security at the Pace of Your Development Teams

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Auth0’s Shiven Ramji on How to Improve Application Security During Development

Shiven Ramji, Auth0,

Applications will remain a top external attack vector even if the best security controls in cloud and network are in place. And while IAM protects against some of the top attacks, Shiven Ramji of Auth0 says a company still needs to keep building more apps at an ever increasing pace to stay competitive.

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In a video interview with Information Security Media Group in advance of an upcoming virtual executive roundtable, Ramji discusses:

  • Whether a company should develop identity and security capabilities on its own, or if there is a more efficient way;
  • How a company can move beyond simply having an app with a login to implementing a high level of security;
  • How Auth0 helps create a better customer experience for its business partners.

Ramji helps guide Auth0’s product vision, innovation, design, and strategy, and brings more than 15 years of experience in B2B and B2C product management, engineering, operations, and business development. Before joining Auth0, Ramji served as the SVP of Product at DigitalOcean, where he led the strategy of DigitalOcean’s products, pricing, and partnerships. Additionally, Ramji has held leadership positions at global brands including Amazon, NBCUniversal, Inc., and The Nielsen Company. In his free time, he enjoys being outdoors, hiking, and biking to different neighborhoods in the New York City area.

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