COVID-19 themed attacks look to be decreasing, report shows

Microsoft report offers insight on how threat actors exploited COVID-19 across the globe.

A report from the Microsoft Threat Protection Intelligence Team found that Covid-19-themed cyberattacks peaked in early March and are now trending significantly down. The report also noted that those attacks have been a drop in the bucket compared to overall threats observed over the last four months.

The report, which examined how cyberattacks exploited the crisis, found that attackers used local lures and preyed on people’s “concern, confusion, and desire for resolution” with mainly phishing campaigns aimed at spreading malware, committing identity theft or creating other disruptions.

“Cybercriminals are looking for the easiest point of compromise or entry,” researchers wrote in the report. “One way they do this is by ripping lures from the headlines and tailoring these lures to geographies and locations of their intended victims.”

Source: Threatpost