One Identity Safeguard now offers free Personal Password Vault

One Identity has recently introduced a new feature within One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Passwords 6.6, which manages and secures the use of corporate personal passwords to access corporate third-party accounts. Corporate users can store their passwords for online accounts to services within a new Personal Password Vault. By leveraging the feature – which is free for all users at Safeguard licensed companies – organisations can ensure proper control over, as well as policy adherence of personal password use for corporate accounts.

Employees manage their own passwords used to access a variety of online services needed to do their jobs. As an example, they access third-party travel services, order supplies, or leverage SaaS products to create materials or manage workflows. They often are not federated with the company access management system and do not adhere to best practices or corporate policy with regard to the security and maintenance of those passwords. The Safeguard Personal Password Vault addresses these potential vulnerabilities.

“Privileged accounts mean much more than access to the foundational systems for enterprise IT; they can mean the accounts used to procure materials, be productive, and even book travel,” said Darrell Long, vice president for product management at One Identity. “Managing personal passwords used to access these services is a critical part of an organisation’s security and compliance strategy. We innovated the new Safeguard Personal Password Vault to provide a convenient way to securely store and manage those passwords – across all employees in the organisation.”

Administrators can now audit compliance activity to passwords stored in the vaults. Users can be reminded to change passwords according to organisation policy; and password vault functionality enables users to create new randomised passwords. Access to specific passwords can be granted to other users, in case the primary user is out of the office, and password vault access can be deprovisioned as necessary.

The new feature is available immediately, and the basic service is free for all employees of Safeguard customers. For more information on One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Passwords, visit the One Identity website.