CyberSecurity offers easy way to make companies secure and compliant in 60 seconds

CyberSmart, a cybersecurity company providing automated compliance, today announced a new value proposition and pricing structure based on company size to ensure that every business in the UK, regardless of size and technical ability, can afford to be secure. CyberSmart enables companies to be compliant with the UK Governments’ Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and GDPR Readiness Standards. All existing customers will also be given access to the advanced security monitoring application and dashboard, previously exclusive to the Pro package. The app takes just 60 seconds to deploy, and then continually assesses the security hygiene of users.

Existing customers who have obtained their Cyber Essentials certification through CyberSmart will now receive one free license to the software. The intuitive app helps companies to continuously audit corporate, and personal devices used for work, alerting the user when a device fails security checks. A simple step-by-step guide is then offered through the app to help users resolve their own issues, guaranteeing regulatory compliance. Among others, the app verifies that users have a secure operating system, installed antivirus software, enabled the firewall, as well as automatic app updates. 

Customers will receive blanket protection across every device, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Alongside cyber insurance cover, all such devices will be monitored so that they meet, or even exceed, government certification standards; thus, reducing the likelihood of a cyberattack. Fortunately, all of CyberSmart’s services can also be performed remotely without the need for an on-site visit, allowing businesses to protect themselves in the midst of this unprecedented time.

“CyberSmart’s vision for the world is one in which every business takes on board the importance of maintaining data security and innoculates itself against the myriad of threats facing anyone with an online presence. More importantly, they all have the tools and knowledge to be cyber secure. This has been the driving force behind everything that we do,” said Jamie Akhtar, CEO and Co-Founder of CyberSmart. “Good security cannot be achieved through a certification audit administered once a year, it requires continuous assessment of compliance. For this reason, we felt our service should be made available at a price that every company can afford to improve cyber hygiene across the UK.”

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