Animator App RCE Flaw patched by Adobe

 A critical remote code execution flaw in Adobe Character Animator was fixed in an out-of-band Tuesday patch. Adobe has issued an out-of-band patch for a critical flaw in Adobe Character Animator, its application for creating live motion-capture animation videos. The flaw can be exploited by a remote attacker to execute code on affected systems. The flaw (CVE-2020-9586) is found in versions 3.2 and earlier and exists within the parsing of the BoundingBox element in PostScript. Specifically, it stems from a stack-based buffer overflow error, meaning the element lacks proper validation of the length of user-supplied data prior to copying it to a stack-based buffer. “Of the bugs fixed today, CVE-2020-9586 stands out as it could code execution if a user opens a malicious file or visits a malicious web page,” Dustin Childs, manager at Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative, told Threatpost. “An attacker can leverage this vulnerability to execute code in the context of the current process.”

Source: Threatpost