BrandPost: Modernizing Enterprise Security Pricing with Forcepoint Advantage

Organizations expect to spend more than $1 trillion on cybersecurity by 2021, yet the rate of data breaches continues to escalate instead of abate. Business at the speed of digital innovation requires security leaders to purchase and rapidly deploy security solutions to protect the business while also dynamically addressing their evolving cybersecurity program needs. Those slow to adopt a modern cybersecurity posture with broad visibility and insights into human behavior across an endpoint, network, and cloud infrastructure will ultimately determine which businesses grow securely over the next decade and which fade away.

Organizations struggle to keep up with the complexity of managing numerous point solutions—including subscriptions to security-as-a-service offerings—as they tackle the challenge of protecting users and data in a hyper-connected world. To make matters worse, organizations only use partial capabilities from these point solutions and SaaS offerings, resulting in weak and ineffective security controls.

Security leaders are also burdened with not just maintaining license and compliance management, but also keeping up with renewals and true-ups within the subscription periods. Adoption of an individual security product category means another negotiation with three to five vendors hoping to secure the business. It’s a pattern repeated over and over again, with no real way to measure if the organization is getting a good deal or not. The buyer can only hope.

Let’s take a simple example:

Three years ago, an organization interested in gaining visibility into shadow IT acquired a Cloud Access Security Broker.  The following year, to secure critical data in third-party cloud services and SaaS applications, it adopted a Cloud Data Protection solution. And, then a year later, after discovering a new data breach, the company added an enhanced Data Loss Prevention on the endpoint. Three problems, three separate products, and three separate transactions. 

Instead, what if organizations could simplify acquiring converged security solutions, allowing them to focus on driving value and broaden their security coverage while spending less money? Most portfolio security vendors have responded to this question with versions of an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) model.  The problem? With ELA models, customers get a catalog of unrelated point solutions—whether they want them or not. These purchases result in shelf-ware and costly redundant purchases of point solution for addressing niche security challenges. What if there were a simpler, more transparent, and flexible way to address an organization’s ability to broaden its security coverage while spending less money?

Enter Forcepoint Advantage, a modern cybersecurity industry pricing and packaging with an unlimited consumption, subscription model.

Forcepoint Advantage delivers enterprises optimal cloud flexibility to securely embrace the $100 trillion competitive advantage digital transformation offers today. And, with Forcepoint Advantage, enterprises are no longer locked into archaic fixed adoption schedules or unwanted shelf-ware. They now have the flexibility to build and grow a security program tailored to their current business needs with future-proofing capabilities for years to come.

For the example referenced earlier, organizations can subscribe to the Forcepoint Advantage data protection solution packaged with related capabilities for targeted use cases to protect data on-premises and in the cloud. This includes the flexibility to utilize the subscription for on-premises, hybrid- and cloud-only services at the pace of their business—and in harmony with their growing digital business needs.

Only Forcepoint Advantage’s subscription-based program delivers enterprises a comprehensive cybersecurity platform with unlimited growth and enterprise support, all at a cost savings of more than 30% lower total cost of ownership. For one per-user price, enterprises gain access to Firewall with built-in SD-WAN, Secure Web Gateway (SWG), CASB, DLP software, and more, versus paying per feature with competitors. It’s the modern cybersecurity path forward to get ahead of today’s ever-evolving threat landscape.

It’s up to you to scale your security strategy to protect people and data wherever work happens. And Forcepoint is here to help. Visit us to learn more about what you can do now to protect your remote work environment.