Do Working-From-Home Developers Risk Burning Out?

“Software developers, like everyone else, have had to transition to a work-from-home world,” writes InfoWorld. For the users of GitHub, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant changes in work cadence and collaboration, along with an increased risk of burnout, a GitHub study of usage patterns on the Microsoft-owned code sharing site has found.” In an “Octoverse spotlight” analysis published May 6, 2020, GitHub compared the first three months of 2020 with the first three months of 2019… GitHub said its analysis shows that developers have been resilient to the change wrought by COVID-19, with activity holding consistent or increasing through the crisis.
But their analysis also found:

  • Developers are working longer, by “up to an hour per day,” seven days a week.
  • Slightly more pushes, pull requests, reviewed pull requests, and commented issues.
  • More collaboration on open source projects, and less time to merge pull requests into open source projects.