Book Review: Working From Home A guide to Navigating the New Normal

Charlie Ciso Comic WFH

Dr. Edward Amoroso of TAG Cyber and Rich Powell, famed Mad Magazine illustrator, have teamed up to deliver a light-hearted look at our current working from home culture through the eyes of a caricatured cybersecurity specialist: Charlie Ciso. The book’s protagonist is based on the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) job role who, “is the person who’s blamed if a company gets hacked”. This delightful book offers tips, tricks and amusing anecdotes that are sure to brighten up your home office.

Charlie shares a compilation of working from home tips, laugh-out-loud experiences and interactive activities to keep you smiling even through the dullest Zoom conferences. This hilarious book covers everything from video conferencing etiquette (highlighting the acceptable level of nakedness) to practical and thought-provoking discussion of password hygiene and other cybersecurity topics. The world of tech is undoubtedly comical and unpredictable so it’s about time that it was presented as such.

The playful world of Charlie Ciso finds joy even in these uncertain times and is well worth a read. All of this is available to you via digital download for less than the price of a Starbucks coffee! In the words of Charlie Ciso: “life must go on” so why not laugh?

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