This training bootcamp in Amazon Web Services can help make you a cloud professional

On the web, security is always critical. But when a company feels its systems have been infiltrated by a hacker or outside force, usually the only recourse is for their IT security team to start the long process of pouring over data logs, building analysis tools and rooting around for unusual behavior.

Thankfully, Amazon Web Services is now helping with this laborious task with AWS Detective, a tool available to their users that uses machine learning to automate the entire search for security issues and potential breaches.

It’s just another area where the web’s leading cloud services provider is pushing the boundaries of cloud-based systems. If you’ve got IT aspirations or just want to understand how cloud computing really works, The All-Level AWS Cloud Professional Bootcamp can give you the background.

Across six courses with more than 30 hours of instruction, new users get a full explanation of AWS operations. Whether you have sights on a career in cloud IT or need to understand how to migrate, oversee and secure your company’s entire IT infrastructure in AWS, this package covers all the basics.

The AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Guide for Beginners gets the fundamentals out of the way, exploring the controls, formatting, and features of the AWS platform. Then AWS Master Class: Databases in the Cloud with AWS RDS and AWS MasterClass: Networking & Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) delve into what it takes to construct these bedrock cloud domains for yourself. And since every company has an app these days, AWS Deployment for Node.js Applications examines how those apps interface with online databases for speed responses.

Finally, users can prep for major AWS certifications with courses covering test items for AWS Cloud Essentials and AWS Solutions Architect Associate exams.

With a total value of $1,200, this deal will get you all six courses for less than $6 each, only $34.99.