The Gryphon Guardian protects your home WiFi network — and protects kids from themselves

Along with medical professionals and grocery store employees, home WiFi networks are also being pushed to their limits during the recent troubles. With almost everyone home at all times and the web as one of the few links to everything outside your four walls, it’s a good bet that you’re seeing screen times rising significantly in your household.

While it’s never been more important to have a reliable, secure home network for work and communication, it’s probably also never been more imperative for parents to make sure their kids aren’t accessing questionable material with all this extra time on their hands.

The Gryphon Guardian WiFi Network Protection system checks both boxes, offering a compact all-in-one mesh Wi-Fi security router and parental control system that services and safeguards an entire home seamlessly.

Right now, the Guardian is the most affordable advanced security and parental control system available. The low-profile, 4-inch node either works on its own or can be integrated with other Gryphon routers to blanket your entire network with protection. You can also purchase additional nodes to extend your mesh system signal strength throughout your home.

Powered by ESET technology, the Guardian is constantly on patrol, using active scanning and intrusion detection measures to block everything you don’t want, from hackers and cyber snoops, to unwanted ads and malware attacks.

Any device connected to your home WiFi is automatically protected by the Guardian shield. In addition to those safeguards, the Guardian also allows you to keep a close eye on your kid’s online activities with a full suite of features created to block inappropriate content.

With different age ranges from toddler to adult, you can create profiles for every member of your household and decide the content you want them to see. Whether they’re on a tablet, a smartphone or an Xbox or PS4, the Guardian lets you set age-appropriate filters as well as set screen time management guidelines for each user’s internet access. If you want to turn off access during homework time, after 8 p.m. or after a certain amount of time has been reached, the Guardian gives you those options.

With the current $20 discount, the Gryphon Guardian is now available for under $100, just $98.99.