Easing the Pain of Data Center Modernization

With data center modernization and the distribution of a business’s critical assets across a hybrid cloud infrastructure, what happens to identity controls? Enter Idaptive.

modernization of data centers

Businesses have been undergoing a digital transformation for some time. Now, the data center is starting to claim center stage, redefining the boundaries of an organization and challenging infrastructure and operations leaders to determine where their business systems, applications, and processes live. The data center can no longer only be an on-premises place, like a heart in a body. In order to support business growth in our fast-moving world, the data center must evolve into an amorphous, here-there-and-everywhere venous system.

With data center modernization and the distribution of a business’s critical assets across a hybrid cloud infrastructure, what happens to identity controls? If an organization’s user directory has always lived in its on-prem data center, does that mean the directory must be migrated to the cloud? And how can that be done securely?

Identity is the security perimeter of an organization, so it’s critical that identity and access management (IAM) systems be among the first, if not the first, to lead the modernization charge. Yet many organizations put it way down on their list of priorities because the first thing most IAM vendors require is the migration of the enterprise’s on-prem user directory to a cloud directory. If you’re an organization with thousands or tens of thousands of users, moving your user directory to the cloud can be incredibly time-consuming and complex, and the related security concerns daunting.

Idaptive takes a completely different approach when it comes to supporting data center modernization. Although our Next-Gen Access Cloud platform and related IAM products are all delivered as a service (IDaaS), we work with an organization’s on-prem directory and existing systems without requiring any changes to their infrastructure. IT can have all of the essential IAM services up and running in no time, and without incurring any of the painful, time-consuming, and difficult-to-reverse steps related to migrating (what are often) extremely complex directory structures to the cloud. Using Idaptive, organizations can take their time migrating their directory to the cloud as they gain confidence in the security of that transition, or they don’t have to migrate it at all.

I say to all organizations contemplating, planning or implementing data center modernization –the identity and access management part of your journey does not need to be laborious. Working with Idaptive, you can protect and manage all of your user identities right from the start of your modernization efforts. Wherever your user directory is, we can be there providing unparalleled protection through intelligent, adaptable and user-friendly IAM services.

If 2020 is the year of data center transformation in your organization, Idaptive would love to help you simplify and streamline the IAM portion of your journey to the future of your business.

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