Announcing New Customer Support Portal and Unified Search

Qualys is rolling out new unified search and an improved online customer support experience, along with Support content integrated directly into Qualys Community. It’s coming in January 2020.

These new features are part of our efforts to enable customer success with an integrated community environment, so you can efficiently: 

  • learn how Qualys products work,  
  • understand best practices, 
  • resolve issues, and 
  • ultimately improve your security and compliance programs.  

They are also part of an effort to improve your experience with Qualys Support, so you can more easily access technical support content, track and update your support cases and feature requests, and get faster case resolution. 

So, what’s new exactly? 

Video Demo

Here is a short, 3-minute video demo of the new features:

Read on for details of the new features.

Integrated Support Content 

The first thing you’ll see is Support fully integrated into Qualys Community. Support technical articles are available alongside discussion forums, training, documentation, and Qualys Blog, It’s all easily accessible at

Unified Search 

The other thing you’ll immediately notice is the new search that allows you to search all resources in Qualys Community from a single user interface, including: 

  • Discussion forums and community documents 
  • Blog posts 
  • Training courses and video libraries 
  • Documentation including guides, release notes, online help and API doc 
  • Support technical articles 

You’ll find a search box on every Qualys Community page, so you can search from wherever you are. 

The search results page displays results from all community sources and lets you filter results by source, by app and by date. It’s backed by machine learning and a relevance tuning engine that increases the rank of articles based on usage analytics. That means you’ll see search results that other users have found to be relevant.  

Customer Support Portal 

Finally, we are deploying a major overhaul of the Customer Support Portal to make it easier for you to avoid common issues, and create and track your cases and feature requests. 

The new portal gives you access to troubleshooting guides and common solutions from Qualys Support, plus platform status, support knowledge articles, and your cases and feature requests. 

Even better, when you create a new case, your case details automatically generate a search that suggests solutions to your issue, so you won’t need to file a case at all if someone else has already encountered the issue 

In the example below, when you enter your case title, you can check the Recommended Solutions to see if they resolve your issue. 


Accessing the Customer Support Portal 

As a Qualys customer, you currently access Support by clicking Help -> Contact Support from within your Qualys subscription. This won’t change, but now you’ll see the new Customer Support Portal with integrated search.

Your cases and feature requests are only available if you access the Customer Support Portal directly from your subscription. If you’re not logged in, you won’t see cases and feature requests, but you’ll see all of the support content and search. 


The unified search and Customer Support Portal will be available in January 2020. 

For more information on the specific features, please see the Customer Support Portal User Guide.