8 Online Shopping Security Tips for Cyber Monday

As the online equivalent to Black Friday, Cyber Monday is among the biggest online shopping days of the year. Cyber Monday, along with Black Friday, heralds the beginning of the online holiday shopping season. According to Adobe Analytics, 2018 Cyber Monday sales amounted to a staggering all-time record of $7.87 billion.

This year, the prediction is that shoppers will crush this record by spending more than $9 billion online. The forecast is optimistic, however, one of the most significant concerns for both consumers and retailers is safety. The increasing popularity of online shopping happens to attract criminals determined to take advantage of consumers, one way or another.

According to multinational consumer credit reporting company Experian, 43 percent of consumers who had their identity stolen claimed it happened while shopping online during the holiday shopping season. Identity theft remains a significant problem, however, it’s only one type of cybercrime poised to victimize online shoppers.

The news is replete with ransomware attacks on retailers, losing access to data, or paying hefty ransoms to cybercriminals. But, for consumers, a new wave of threats has appeared just in time to catch online shoppers seeking Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Safe Online Shopping Practices

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