Apple CEO Tim Cook: China Really Hasn’t Pressured Us.

hackingbear writes: In a talk with ABC News, Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed Apple’s investment in the United States, his relationship with President Trump, China and more. When asked if there was a line Apple would not cross if China pressured the company [to violate user’s privacy and rights], Cook said they have never been asked in China by authorities to unlock an iPhone, but added, referring to the U.S., “I have here. And we stood up against that, and said we can’t do it,” he added. “Our privacy commitment is a worldwide one.” When asked why Apple still builds the iPhone in China, Cook said that he actually thinks “the iPhone is made everywhere.” “If you look at the glass of the iPhone, which everybody touches all day long, that glass is made in Kentucky. If you were to take apart the iPhone you would see many of the silicone components that are made in the United States as well,” he added. “The iPhone is the product of a global supply chain.” John Gruber of DaringFireball adds: If China hasn’t pressured Apple, why was the Taiwanese flag emoji removed from iOS devices in Hong Kong? It’s far from the biggest issue surrounding China. I get that. It’s just a flag emoji, and we’re talking about a regime that has put over a million people into concentration camps. But it is bullshit. Under the one-country-two-systems arrangement China itself agreed to regarding Hong Kong, there is nothing illegal about the Taiwanese flag. It’s flat-out wrong that Apple removed the Taiwanese flag emoji in Hong Kong. But if they did so at the behest of China at least we’d have a reason why. If China hasn’t pressured Apple on this point, small though it may be, why in the world did Apple remove the flag? It reeks of cowardice. Further reading: Apple Has No Backbone.