CISOs: Focus On These Fundamentals For Long-Term Success

Jay Gonzales, CISO, Samsung Semiconductor

CISO’s clearly have an appetite for complexity. They secure and monitor an expansive ecosystem filled with sanctioned and unsanctioned systems, solutions, and devices. Most of these technologies generate, store or share sensitive information and must be protected, but still made accessible to authorized users. Cyberattacks and data breaches are omnipresent but frequently stem from under-secured third parties or careless employees. Lastly, senior management wants to grow the business but relies on the CISO to make sure it happens securely (and under budget). It’s easy for CISOs to get overwhelmed. When you peel away all these layers, however, a CISO’s job is pretty fundamental: protect the information you value and prove it’s properly protected. If CISOs can do this effectively, efficiently and consistently, they’ll be successful.

Earlier this year, I sat down with Jay Gonzales, CISO with Samsung Semiconductor, and discussed some of the challenges and opportunities inherent in his position but also with the CISO role more broadly. In this video, Jay notes a CISO’s key responsibilities are pretty straightforward and are immune to characteristics like industry, company size, or reporting structure. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make their jobs any easier.

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