Securonix Announces Transparent Software as a Service (SaaS) Pricing 

Securonix, Inc., a leader in Next-Gen SIEM, announced a new, transparent pricing model with multiple deployment options for the Securonix Cloud platform. The pricing and deployment models enable customers to efficiently plan their deployment and estimate their potential cost savings as they decide to move to a SaaSbased deployment. 

 “As organizations move to SaaSbased security servicesthe overhead cost charged by vendors is a big concern,” said Sachin Nayyar, CEO, Securonix. “With the introduction of transparent pricing, Securonix is offering customers a predictable SaaS cost and the ability to pick the deployment option best suited for their needsCustomers can now plan, estimate, and manage their cost while taking advantage of the bestinclass threat detection and response delivered by Securonix’s next-gen, analyticsled SIEM.”  

Securonix SaaS deployment options: 

Customers have the ability choose from multiple deployment options based on factors such as functionality, security and cost.  

 Multi-tenant deploymentThe most costefficient option with logical segregation of data. Suited for MSSPs and mid-market customers that are cost sensitive or customers that are looking for a SIEM starter package. 

Isolated tenant deploymentIsolation and logical segregation of data while still utilizing the benefits of multi-tenancy. This option is suited for most medium to large enterprise customers.  

Dedicated tenant deployment: Dedicated environment with complete physical segregation of infrastructure and data. Equivalent to a private cloud, this is most suited for organizations with stringent privacy requirements or need for a custom deployment with backend access to infrastructure and data. 

Depending on the deployment option chosen, customers can take advantage of transparent pricing options that include: 

  • Transparency in hosting costestimate and optimize your cost savings  
  • Passthrough pricingfrom the cloud platform (IaaS) provider to you with no hidden charges. Hosting is not a profit center for Securonix.  
  • Option to customize your SaaS infrastructurechoose the infrastructure and storage options to meet your specific business needs

Securonix transparent deployment options are available to all customers and managed service providers.  

 “Securonix SaaS offering is particularly attractive to managed service providers looking to transition from legacy SIEM to modern analyticsled SIEM platform,” said David Wagner, Sr. Director, Global MSSP Business, Securonix. “With flexible pricing and deployment options, MSSPs can right size their infrastructure cost and scale elastically to meet customer requirements. 

About Securonix 

Securonix is redefining SIEM using the power of big data and machine learning. Built on an open big-data platform, Securonix Next-Gen SIEM provides unlimited scalability and log management, behavior analytics-based advanced threat detection, and automated incident response on a single platform. Globally, customers use Securonix to address their insider threat, cyber threat, cloud security, and application security monitoring requirements.