‘Platinum’ Hacking Group Strikes Again With Complex Titanium Backdoor To Windows

Freshly Exhumed shares a report from Securelist: Platinum is one of the most technologically advanced APT actors with a traditional focus on the APAC region. During recent analysis we discovered Platinum using a new backdoor that we call Titanium (named after a password to one of the self-executable archives). Titanium is the final result of a sequence of dropping, downloading and installing stages. The malware hides at every step by mimicking common software (protection related, sound drivers software, DVD video creation tools).

The Titanium APT has a very complicated infiltration scheme. It involves numerous steps and requires good coordination between all of them. In addition, none of the files in the file system can be detected as malicious due to the use of encryption and fileless technologies. One other feature that makes detection harder is the mimicking of well-known software.

One of the methods Titanium uses to infect its targets and spread is via a local intranet that has already been compromised with malware. Another is via an SFX archive containing a Windows task installation script. A third is shellcode that gets injected into the winlogon.exe process (it’s still unknown how this happens).