WhiteSource for Developers: New Integrations for GitLab Server and Eclipse IDE

With the current pace of software development, development teams are committing new code to their repositories at astonishing rates. Maintaining a secure SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) while keeping up with this heightened pace of development has become extremely challenging.

Imagine the following scenario: You run a security scan before deploying to production to ensure that your code is vulnerability-free. To your surprise, a critical vulnerability was detected in your code and it must be fixed before deployment! Now you begin the frustrating and time-consuming process of going through all the commits between now and your previous security scan, locating the problematic commit, and remediating the vulnerability.

In order to avoid a situation like this, it’s crucial to shift security testing left and ensure your code is secure as early in the software development lifecycle as possible. One of the implications of the shift left philosophy is that security and DevOps teams are relying more and more on development teams to help address security issues. To make their part easier and less cumbersome, developers need tools that integrate into their day-to-day working environments. This is where WhiteSource for Developers comes in.

As part of WhiteSource Developers offering, our product suite tailored especially for developers, enabling organizations to shift left with solutions integrated into developers’ familiar working environments, we’re excited to announce two new integrations for GitLab server and Eclipse IDE. 

WhiteSource GitLab Integration

With the addition of WhiteSource’s integration with GitLab, WhiteSource now offers native integrations for each of the top three players in the repository space: GitHub, BitBucket, and GitLab, giving WhiteSource customers full coverage of the most popular repositories (more than 60% of the total market). 

WhiteSource for GitLab enables developers to easily manage their repository’s open source security vulnerabilities without the need to deviate from (Read more…)

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