Why NASCIO Is Still Growing After 50 Years

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) is celebrating 50 years of serving U.S. states and territories. This anniversary celebration will culminate in a record-breaking NASCIO Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, from October 13-16, 2019.     

I say record-breaking because the number of event attendees, the number of Corporate Leadership Council (private sector) members joining and the level of overall interest in public policy issues and IT solutions impacting nationwide governments, has never been higher. The agenda promises to bring together the best and the brightest to explore challenges and solutions, share best practices, network between public and private entities and celebrate award-winners.       

But this is not a group of old-timers who gathers to reminisce on “the glory years” from foregone decades.  

On the contrary, talented state government CIOs will be leading the sessions. Hot topics from ransomware to securing election systems to data analytics to developing strategic partnerships will be covered. In addition, the changing CIO roles and responsibilities will equip new (and old) government technology leaders to improve their effectiveness in discussions on “CIO as a broker.”        

As we head into the 2020s, NASCIO continues to offer a collective voice in Congressional testimonies, state procurement initiatives and much, much more. The NASCIO Award website  is a treasure trove of great projects that are “shovel ready” (to borrow an older term) for other states and local governments to implement to enhance their services.

Note: I have written about NASCIO awards numerous times, in “how to” blogs for the NASCIO Community as well as in after conference summary blogs for govtech.com.  To say that governments and private sector CxOs can gain huge value from the NASCIO awards website is an understatement.   

History Please?

According to the NASCIO Website:

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